A project for promoting African culture with active participation of immigrants and their children in free education in the field of performing arts and in the organisation of the Baofest Festival.


The Expressive World of African Culture project, organised by the Baobab cultural society with funding from the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, systematically educates and trains African immigrants and other interested individuals in various performing arts forms and culture professions throughout the year. The acquired knowledge will be put into practice in October 2010 within the organisation of the Baofest Festival - as performers, choreographers, mentors and organisers.

The training covers music, dance, video and theatre workshops and the basics of event organisation. The target groups for both projects, the Expressive World of African Culture (Izrazni svet afriške kulture - ISAK) and the International Festival of African Culture, Baofest, include African immigrants, their children, professional and lay publics, as well as the young, the adult and the disabled.

Both projects, ISAK and Baofest contribute to cultural diversity of the Slovenian space.

  Cultural heritage of African dance and rhythm is present in all countries on the old and new continents and is passed on form generation to generation. Dance, song and drums accompany all significant events in life: birth, baptism, circumcision, marriage, etc. and as such, address the cultural identity of the immigrant and the cultural identity awareness of the wider community, thereby enabling members of these vulnerable social groups inclusion in the wider community.